KIOSK Rotterdam

is a nomadic bookshop that distributes knowledge by publishing zines, printing flyers, and by selling books. KIOSK provides goods and gadgets for daily life. KIOSK is a place for production and consumption, an enterprise with a face. Make your dealer your healer.
KIOSK started in 2018 initially 3-month project by Philippa Driest at Galerie Lecq (a former Kiosk) in Rotterdam curated by Marijke Appelman.
In 2019, I became the janitor of Pension Almonde, a temporary home in transition to demolishment. I fixed dripping taps, broken central heating systems, clogged toilets, etc. You could find me daily at the reception, almondestraat 179, where I welcomed guests, processed payments and handed out keys. 24/7 available, as I was living above the space.  

Since February, 2020 I started selling books on a voluntary basis from the reception. KIOSK was open by appointment and with fixed times on Wednesday and Thursday from 18.00 - 21.00, funded by my student debt. It started off with a personal selection and grew to a collection of titles informed by people who visited and shared their research (personal and/or academic). The spatial design was made by Studio C.A.R.E.

In April 2021, we had to move out of the street. I had to pack KIOSK into boxes, my job as the janitor came to an end.